Flipkart | Headly DM-20KG COMBO16 Adjustable Dumbbell


Workout for a month with this set of adjustable dumbbells from Headly and start wearing fitting T-shirts to show off your physique. Expandable Weight Each rod can accommodate two weight plates on each side. So you can start small till you are ready to expand the weight you need to carry. Strengthens Your Muscles When you start making complete use of the set, you are going to be lifting a weight of 20 kgs and are soon going to be looking at strong biceps each time you stand in front of the mirror. Ideal For Home Use This set of dumbbells lets you workout with different combinations in the comfort of your very own bedroom with your favorite tracks playing in the background. Ideal For Juniors And Seniors These dumbells are ideal for juniors as well as seniors. They are also durable and will last you a long time.

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